In this video, little Josie certainly earns her title of diva as she is captured scolding her grandma for saying ‘a bad word’. “I’m not talking to Mimi.” she says to the camera. “Cause I’m really upset!”

And she is not playing around. “It’s not funny, Mimi!” She says, scrunching up her face– clearly taking this very seriously. “I told you!”

But the moment when she explains how she plans to handle the situation with her grandma is priceless. “When my mommy and daddy pick me up, I’m gonna tell them. And right away, I’m gonna go home, take a rest, and then I’m gonna be upset.”

No one in the room can suppress their laughter as they ask her why she’s so upset. “Because she’s saying bad words to me!”

Check out the video below and you will crack up when you hear exactly what bad word Mimi said!

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