So it's been a long week, and all you want to do when you get home is log in and take out the week's frustrations on Call of Duty, or Dota 2, or League of Legends, or whatever your jam is.

You think you're going to escape into a fun fantasy world for a few hours and blow off some steam. But the thing is, you're a woman, so you've got two options: mute the experience or put up with abuse. 

Which is not at all how it should be.

If you have any doubts about what women face when they go online to play video games, there's a video making the rounds of a woman trying to play Overwatch online while enduring 16 solid minutes of verbal torture from a couple of her teammates.

She recorded all the abuse and posted the nastiness to YouTube for all who dare to see.

"I am putting this and a few other examples of the way I am treated up not just for entertainment," she writes. "I want to give people a look into how women are treated online. This is not OK, and I'm doing my best to show that."

No, it's not okay. Video games are supposed to be fun. For everybody. And, sadly, all too many women are subject to appalling harassment and abuse that saps the fun out of it.

So we asked women who game online what one thing they most want guys to know. Yeah, they had plenty to say.

Reddit user TheHaruka wants people to know "that once a girl reveals her gender by talking into the mic, she never knows whether she is going to get love or hate for it."

"And that many girls will keep themselves on mute in order not to find out."

"I'm not playing to entertain you," said Reddit user MsChrissikins

"I'm playing to have fun and kick ass in whatever game I'm in. Me talking to you via Discord or in-game chat does not = me flirting with you. Pinky promise."

"Girls don't game with you and don't participate online because there are so many creepy gamer guys," wrote another Reddit user.

"Even if it is only 10% they will do something creepy and sexual and ruin the entire experience. This stereotype has a pretty good attachment to reality."

"I am not here for your gratification, I am here to kick ass and drink apple juice — and I am all out of juice," wrote Reddit user TenNinetythree.

"Their harassment will not phase me nor make me tremble in fear. I will not go cry in a corner. It will not stop me from enjoying my biggest hobby," wrote Reddit user SoRhyteItsWrong

"It will not change the fact that I'm likely a far better player than they'll ever be."

While the most they'll get out of me is an eye roll or a sigh, they will ultimately be forgotten within the next match. 

"In the end, they're still going to be lonely, fragile and fearful, while I'm going to go on and enjoy my friends, explore the world, make money, become a more talented person and generally kick ass."

"That the same way as a toddler playing with a gun can actually kill people, toxic stuff spewed by people from age 10 to age 50 will actually hurt real people, in real ways," wrote Reddit user oracular_duck

"It may mean nothing to the people or children who say it, but it has a very real effect on the people who hear it. Those people are real people, and that effect is real hurt."

"Yes girls don't like being called out rudely for being a girl, but trying to be nice and calling out someone for being a girl in any way, as in 'hey, you aren't bad for a girl,' is just as bad as saying a girl is bad," wrote Reddit user Maracas246.

"That many of us did not spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on consoles, rigs and games to get your attention," wrote Reddit user Bellamontage.

 "We did it because we want to play games."

"I wish they knew period jokes aren't funny, not even a tiny bit," wrote Reddit user TheWeirdChickYouKnew.

"When guys are being shitty about someone for being female, and another guy tells them to cut that crap out? THAT feels awesome," wrote Reddit user Trilobyte141

"Most of us can handle those situations ourselves, but just because we don't need help doesn't mean we don't like having someone on our side."

"Just having someone recognize that the way we're being treated isn't alright, and be willing to draw away some of the ire we'll face every day... we need more allies like that. Be that guy."

"There are so many more of us than people realize. We just don't usually advertise it," wrote Reddit user lfpod

"And the people who do advertise it give us a bad name. We don't all want attention for being girl gamers. I don't even like the term 'girl gamers.'"

At the end of the day, it's all about treating people right and with respect. And clearly the way girls get singled out when they're just trying to play games isn't right and it isn't respectful. There's no good reason that even remotely justifies it, either.

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