You are having a way better day than these people!

1. Feeling Prickly

Feeling Prickly

Is this guy having a bad day because he fell into some cacti? Or is it because it will hurt even more when the cacti are removed? Perhaps we'll call it a draw.

2. The Big Spill

The Big Spill

How much do you want to bet that they scooped up the ice cream that never touched the car and put it back into the carton? Because if they didn't do that, they're fools.#icecreamislife

3. Unlucky Drop

Unlucky Drop

Well, at least this didn't happen with something worse already in the toilet. But if that's your best-case scenario, you know things are not going your way.

4. So Close

So Close

Someone was THIS close to winning. It's almost like it's better to spend five bucks on one of these at the store instead of wasting $20 in quarters. 


5. Pizza Party

Pizza Party

Everyone loves pizza, right? But you know what would make it even better? If it didn't have all that pesky cheese and sauce. Problem solved!

6. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Does she also call hot dogs her "favorite hamburgers that aren't hamburgers"? Or Batman her "favorite Wolverine who isn't Wolverine"? Perhaps Keith needs to be friends with someone who knows how words work.

7. Try Again

Try Again

If you don't have a calculator handy, don't worry. We already figured out that this works out to over 43 years of waiting. So 2060 will be a good year for this person, because they'll once again have the ability to listen to music.

8. Safari Adventure

Safari Adventure

If cartoons have taught us anything, it's that there's only two ways out of this situation. So hopefully the people in the car can distract the elephant with some peanuts, or scare it away with a mouse. If they don't have either of these things, they should probably plan on being here for a while.

9. Bullseye


If you're going to play darts, make sure you have a board. Otherwise, you might get used as a board replacement. Not only does that hurt, but it also makes it WAY harder to keep score.

10. Getting Trashed

Getting Trashed

This is kind of like when Winnie the Pooh got stuck in the rabbit hole. Except Pooh is a cartoon character, and getting stuck in a rabbit hole is cute. For some reason, a grown adult stuck in a trash can isn't quite as adorable.

11. The Great Escape

The Great Escape

For the driver of this car, it's a very bad day indeed. But at least this shows that, even in death, grandpa is still as feisty as ever. Way to go, Pepaw!

12. Beach Day

Beach Day

The phrase "a day at the beach" is supposed to mean, "a fun, carefree day of relaxing good times." But for the owner of this car, "a day at the beach" now means, "Why the hell did I drive my car onto the wet sand and think it was a good idea?"

13. Breaking Through

Breaking Through

Ever need to get to the floor below you, but the staircase is too far away? Then just try the direct route. Unfortunately, if you do this too often, you'll no longer have a second floor.

14. Wipe Out

Wipe Out

"Ow! I wiped out on my motorcycle! Can you help me up?"

"Sure, just a sec."

"Okay, that's fine, just as long as you're not taking a pic and then uploading it to social media so people can laugh at a clumsy police officer."


15. Seagull Thief

Seagull Thief

Five seconds before this photo, he was thinking, "Oh, what a beautiful day by the ocean! And I'm having ice cream! Nothing bad can happen today, because it's the best day ever!"

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